A triumvirate of lunar phases is strongly associated with metaphor for the phases in life. It is evident after only a little thought, however, that there still remains a fourth aspect: the aspect of non-existence, being either pre-birth or post-death, and it is strongly suggested by the nature of being a cyclical or circular arrangement, that these are in fact simply different ways of looking at the same thing. The New Moon is both the repose of the previous cycle and the burgeoning genesis of a new one.

It is also a time of mystery, of the unknowable. The New Moon is invisible, departed from the cosmos, absent from the court of the heavens. In this way, the New Moon is an embodiment of mystery and secrets, both at once potential revelation, a secret preparing to be shared, and a hidden face, the covering-up of what was once plain to see. It is perhaps apart from the other phases of the Moon because they are all three visible, available to be interacted with, while the New Moon makes its presence felt in the world both in spite and because of its absence. The Triumvirate is often depicted as three women standing such that two of them present their profiles, but this still allows room for a fourth who stands hidden from view behind the three who are in the foreground and presented for view.

A goddess of the mysterious, the occult, the hidden, she represents the ultimately unknowable, that which is beyond, before and after life itself. In this way, she completes the cycle which living beings recognize as youth, adulthood and decrepitude. Variously represented by an empty, often ragged circle (the eclipse, or birth) or by a black disc (the void and oblivion), she is a goddess which values her privacy, secrets, occult knowledge, and that which is hidden. She completes the cycle as the link between ending and beginning. The Maiden is youthful vigor, innocence and sex appeal, she is beginning and excited by the experience of life, full of ambition. The Matron is mature, industrious and nurturing, the head of her family and home which she protects with all her being. The Crone is wise, experienced and bitter, for she feels death’s approach. Thus, the sacred Torc has an opening, even as it is a circle. It represents the severely Crescent Moon which is both the end and the beginning of the lunar cycle, and yet also encompasses the space between them, continuous as a circle despite an apparent gap.

New Witch Patrons:

The Maiden:
2nd – Protection from Arrows
4th – Resist Energy
6th – Beast Shape I
8th – Freedom of Movement
10th – Beast Shape III
12th – Joyful Rapture
14th – Greater Polymorph
16th – Earthquake
18th – Wish

The Matron:
2nd – Endure Elements
4th – Lesser Restoration
6th – Protection From Energy
8th – Restoration
10th – Life Bubble
12th – Antimagic Field
14th – Greater Restoration
16th – Protection From Spells
18th – True Resurrection

The Crone:
2nd – Anticipate Peril
4th – Defending Bone
6th – Halt Undead
8th – Malicious Spite
10th – Breath Of Life
12th – Undeath To Death
14th – Control Undead
16th – Create Greater Undead
18th – Energy Drain

The Veiled:
2nd – Vanish
4th – Undetectable Alignment
6th – Blacklight
8th – Greater Invisibility
10th – False Vision
12th – Antilife Shell
14th – Sequester
16th – Orb Of The Void
18th – Time Stop


Night Eternal Solipsomnenti