The Ranseur Of The Reefs

Resting on the hidden and guarded altar in Lamnuathwete was the mighty artifact weapon, the Ranseur of the Reefs.

It currently conceals a great portion of its true power from the unworthy soul which now wields it, but it still does function as a +2 Seaborne Ranseur of Quenching and Thawing. Whatever other powers it may be concealing about itself remains to be seen, probably only after its wielder proves him or herself worthy.

Furthermore, the Ranseur of the Reefs is intelligent and aware, after its own fashion:

Ego: 7
Ability Scores: Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12
Alignment: Neutral Good
Senses: Senses (30’), Empathy
Languages: Common, Aquan, Abolethi
Purpose: Defeat Aberrations, especially the most-hated Aboleth!

The Ranseur Of The Reefs

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