The Ill Wind


The Ill Wind

Breaths of chill, soporific air emanate from this dark bow, evoking memories of crystal clear winter midnight.

Aura: overwhelming Evocation and Necromancy; CL 20th Weight: 4 lbs.


Although from a distance it appears to be a carved and glossy black-lacquered shortbow, closer inspection reveals that it is a magically flexible sculpture of dark ice, hence the sheen. It is strung with the silver limn of a moonlit cloud, and you feel a chill up your spine just looking at it. This weapon has slain many a foe and made many enemies in the process.

Currently, the Ill Wind functions as a magical composite shortbow (it wants a +2 Strength bonus to use it properly) with a +2 enhancement bonus, but unlike a typical shortbow, confirmed critical strikes with this weapon have a x4 multiplier. When the string is drawn to fire, a wisp of frosty air forms into a splinter of ice to serve as an arrow, if no other suitable missile is nocked instead.

All damage which is inflicted using this weapon counts as Cold and Nonlethal for the purpose of Energy Resistance (Damage Reduction therefore does not apply). This even applies to extra damage dealt with abilities or features such as Sneak Attack or any arrow fired from it.

Victims stricken by an icy splinter must make a DC 14 Will save or become Fatigued for one minute. Fatigued victims must save or become Exhausted for one minute. Exhausted victims must save or fall Asleep for one minute.


To destroy the Ill Wind, it must be heated in the magma of a volcano, its shape then warped by the hammer blows of a good celestial creature, and quenched in the blood of a Fire Giant. Doing so will cause it to irreversibly melt into harmless water (which will likely explosively vaporize due to the heat of the Fire Giant’s blood).

The Ill Wind

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