The Censer Of Bitter Tears


Censer Of Bitter Tears

The patina of great age somehow accentuates the pathos of the lamenting figures which circle the basin.

Aura: overwhelming Necromancy; CL 20th
Slot: none; Weight: 10 lbs.


Depending from sturdy chains, the bowl of this censer is uncovered, and its tiny perforations dot the bottom. A ring of lamenting figures circles the rim, and salty deposits crust the interior. Clearly, this is a liturgical implement of profound evil.

A creature which weeps into the basin of the censer gains one negative level per minute. Meanwhile, the Censer gains one charge per negative level bestowed upon the victim. By swinging the Censer and sprinkling these tears, the holder of the artifact can use its variety of supernatural powers. The number of charges depleted, depends partly upon which power is employed, but the waters completely weep away over the course of 24 hours, meaning that the censer must be recharged before use again.

  • 1 charge: Reanimation: By sprinkling the tears over a creature which was slain by weeping into the censer, it is reanimated as though by Lesser Animate Dead but the created creature only has 1 Hit Die. If you expend as many charges as the creature had Hit Die, it is reanimated as though by Animate Dead instead.
  • 1 charge per minute: Profanity: By sprinkling the tears over a creature, it gains a profane blessing. This function bestows 1d8 temporary hit points, a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and temporarily improves the creature’s caster level (if any) by +1. The benefits do not stack, but they last for a number of minutes equal to the number of charges expended to bless them.
  • 5 charges: Desecration: By patiently sprinkling the tears in circular motions while pacing over the course of five minutes, the user can Desecrate a 20-foot radius area as the spell. Note that the Censer has a caster level of 20, which means the area remains desecrated for 40 hours.
  • 4 charges: Manifest Allip: By drawing forth a victim’s anguish, the Censer gives birth to a spirit of madness and horror — an Allip. The Allip so created is not under anyone’s control (though control might be established by some other means such as a Spell), and the wielder of the Censer is specifically vulnerable to the Allip’s Babbling, Madness and Touch Of Insanity powers. Its rage is undirected, though the closest target it can find is likely to be someone close to the Censer from which its dark, cloudy shape springs…


If a Good Celestial creature of at least 12 Hit Dice ever willingly commits suicide by slashing its own throat and filling the bowl with that blood, the Censer ceases to function and loses all special properties.

The Censer Of Bitter Tears

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