Decent folk attribute the existence of their cows to Wea’s fertile womb, but they attribute the existence of the rabid wolves that hunt them to Shaneshut. It is her influence which drives a dog to bite the baby, and it can be seen in the wild eyes of the hare fleeing in vain circles as the fox approaches.

“A frightened prey is food this day” is a common aphorism among hunters and trappers. Those who spend their lives in the wilds of the world have seen death and horror as a simple fact of life. For life among the beasts, away from the comforts and amenities of home, is nasty, brutish and short. One mistake can take a life, and nature is unapologetically swift to claim it.

Though farmers and shepherds curse her name and beg Aurwane to shield their flock, hunters and trappers ask for her blessing as their stomachs grumble and they wait in the trackless wilds with an arrow nocked.


Night Eternal Solipsomnenti