Rhoschuti is depicted in various forms, depending on the context. A yonic gape when her gluttony and greed is the topic, a phallic greatsword drenched in gore when his bloodthirst and warmongering is discussed. This dualistic description garners no end of lewd jokes by her own followers who know he laughs and cheers them onward to pillage and rape. Rhoschuti does not seek sensation, be it pleasure or pain, but rather to have… everything. Wealth. Lovers. Land. Food.

“Consume” cry her armies, “Lest ye be consumed!” They call her the “Bloody Bitch” and raise glasses in boisterous toast to her honor in the same breath as a profane innuendo of menses.

It is this rapacious consumption of all within reach which, according to the stories, endowed her son, Hedii, with his own selfish sense of possession and she goaded him on to steal Aurwane’s shield, telling him it would make him manly to take what he wanted: that the very essence of self-actualization was to enforce his will through possession and violence.


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