Whereas Ghraevatr is kindly and wise, escorting life across the boundary, Naemashuk is described as either mad or indiscernible from it and he brings death with him. He is also seen as a sort of psychopomp, but a cruel and arbitrary one who shows up when not expected or desired to steal souls away. Senseless deaths that shouldn’t have happened, people shut up in their rooms who won’t come out for anything, abandoned children, pitiful old souls who perish in the depths of winter frozen in their own homes and not discovered ‘til springtime, these are attributed to Naemashuk’s malign whim.

Lord of carrion, rot and pestilence, his mushrooms bring slumber, forgetfulness and death. Where a lost hunter lays down and dies, there is said to spring forth a faerie ring of toadstools as a monument to their foolishness: hunters and trappers should have wisely stayed near civilization where Aurwane’s Light shelters Man.

But disease strikes without remorse or warning even in the palaces where a Queen Mother might fall to consumption, withering slowly away and coughing up blood before her time should rightly be due. It is the stillborn who are especially resented, though, as they were snatched away to feed the Roots before ever knowing the Light and life on this side.


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