Myth, Dogma and Legend

“Behold the tree, my son.”

“Yes, father, I see it.”

“Is it not beautiful? Behold its spreading branches, and observe such a similar arrangement of relationships in our own ancestry.”

“But, father, the branches are not all there is to a tree — what of the roots?”

“Yes, indeed! You are a most clever lad, my boy! But suppose, before I tell you Holy Scripture, you think for yourself? What parallels do you see between our ancestry and Ghraevatr’s Children?”

“I suppose that our honored dead are much like the roots — we do bury them, to give them back to Wea’s womb.”

“Ah, you have been listening to the sermons after all, I see. But that is not all, of course, no? Go on then, tell me: if our ancestors are the roots and trunk which spread forth under Aurwane’s Light…?”

“What happens when we die, father?”

“Ghraevatr guides us from our grave to continue the cycle of Life.”


“Yes, of course. You did not suppose that, alone among all of Nature, Life was not a cycle, did you?”

“I’m sure I don’t know, father. I have never been dead.”

“Ah, have you not? A thing as indestructible and enduring as your human soul — where did it come from?”

“Perhaps Daedongue crafted it at his forge?”

“Perhaps. He might, by clever device, forge anything… from the proper material…”



“Then… does that mean there must be a balance? Otherwise, how do we increase?”

“Ah ha! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my cunning sapling — cunning indeed, seed of mine.”

“Have I said something I ought not to have, father? Why do you cry?”

“‘Tis Latu’s own tears, m’boy. You have grown much these last seasons.”

“Yes, father, I am almost as tall as Old Man Weinte!”

“Oh ho, indeed! Perhaps another few turnings of the season still yet.”

“Father. Will it hurt to be forged anew? I have seen the blacksmith’s hammer strike…”

“No, my son. It won’t hurt at all. You will shine like Aurwane’s Light as you are molded to suit your future purpose by Fate’s design. But this is enough for today — fly like the Winds and go play with your brothers.”

Myth, Dogma and Legend

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