The seas, lakes and streams — indeed, all waters are the domain of ever-weeping Latu. It is said that, in ages past, when he beheld barren Wea who was suffering from thirst, he wept so long and in such earnest, that his tears formed the seas and brought the waters which still today fertilize her soils. His holy symbol is three porpoises or seals playing in a whirlpool, and he is depicted in iconography variously as a merfolk maid or man, depending on where in the world you look for his temples.

His spirit is said to reside in a pool of such purity, that if one were to look down into it, one would be able to see all the way down to the people on the “roots” side. Grief, anguish and sorrow are reputed to be excreted as salt in tears, which all people shed in grateful memory of the life-giving act which first irrigated life on Wea.

The seas hold many mysteries in their fathomless depths, and Latu’s priesthood devote themselves to enlightenment by the motto “Know thyself”, believing that it is through understanding one’s own hidden depths that true wisdom is to be found. They embrace emotions and a mercurial mindset, believing that all states of mind are just as much “water” as any other, citing the condensation of vapor and the formation of ice from liquid as proof that change, by itself, is not to be feared.


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