In the canon of mythology, Hedii is the son of Rhoschuti, the warthirster, and his dagger is often to be found in the back of whichever covetous princeling or duchess instigated the war at hand. Hedii cares nothing for justice for its own sake, only that he take what he knows is rightly his and that all who have wronged him should suffer. He loathes Daedongue whose craftmanship and honest toil earns him honor, for Hedii knows he has contributed nothing of value to the world. He despises Wea, for he says she wallows in applause for doing nothing more than bending over. But more than any, he hates Aurwane for punishing him with eternal night.

Long ago, it is said, Hedii coveted Aurwane’s shield for its brilliant lustre. He felt that if he had it, he, too, might be handsome and sought as a suitor — and so he took it and brought it to Theshamine, preening before her with it. When Theshamine scoffed and exclaimed that he had stolen it, she fled, leaving Hedii with another man’s pride and none of his own. And Aurwane heard, and came and took back his shield, besting the craven Hedii easily in combat, and ever after has refused to shine his smile upon so loathesome a wretch as Hedii.

The myth of course is told with varying spin depending on whether you listen to worshipers of Aurwane or Hedii’s advocates. Predictably, the thief’s priests tell a story far more compassionate towards Hedii, painting him as a figure who merely seeks to prove his worth and is unjustly frustrated at every turn by the burning bully-tyrant, whose lies conceal his own hypocrisy…


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