It is said that in ages past beings of incredible power and wisdom flew between the stars, their echoing whale-song endowing the cosmos with life and dreams as they passed. Worlds and eons they spanned in their search for what sages know not. Of course myths and fire-side tales are one thing, but there do linger rumors of proof of this most-ancient legend: the crypt of a god who still lies in state within, slumbering away the long passages of Time and perhaps beyond.

Some say it is a guardian, a great protector who ever watches for the signs of danger to his Children, The People. Some say it is a prisoner, a rebel whose sin against Creation brought ultimate judgement upon him and that he lies chained within his coffin, hidden away for all eternity. Some say he truly is dead, and no god at all, but a mortal king or emperor of some lost age, his grandiose tomb a mere contrivance of vanity, a monument to his hubris. Some say there is no such tomb, dismissing it entirely as simple myth passed down through tradition and superstition.

The details vary with each telling, and few could argue with authority on the true age of the tale, but certainly all tribes and clans tell a version of it. Which of course does lend its own credence to the veracity of some common kernel, though none can even agree on what shared claims should be considered fundamental. Some clans, indeed, take it as a central pillar of their spirituality, erecting monuments or performing elaborate rites out of respect or fear or petition for the Dead One’s favor. Some merely regard the legend as just that: a myth to be told to children as entertainment and with no practical truth to be expected or found in it.


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