uprooted Dryad


Thissle is furious about being stolen away from her tree, but was powerless to escape her cage on her own. As a Dryad, she will die soon if she cannot return to it just as a tree will die if uprooted from soil. She was captured some time after Burtch and Loop, but has no idea why anyone would do something so cruel. All she wants is to return to her precious tree and feel the warmth of sunlight on her leaves and the nourishment of soil embracing her roots once more. Her desperation makes her dangerous and the dire nature of her predicament means she cannot be trusted to accomplish anything that she doesn’t think will directly or indirectly reunite her with her oak tree.

As Fate would have it, Thissle survived her escape from confinement, though not in the best condition. She promised to lend such aid as she might be able to her “benefactors” in exchange for this freedom, and fled into the woods.



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