Stephen Epneyn

optimistic entrepreneur - DECEASED


Roguishly handsome and scandalously free-spirited, Stephen has caused stirs all his life by refusing to allow tradition and family name to dictate how he would live. The headstart of a modest means did allow him to eventually succeed as an entrepreneur, setting up formalized trade routes through a network of outskirt towns and villages. The stigma of superstition associated with travelers and vagabonds never bothered him much, and he managed to parlay his savoir faire into a prosperous, if modest, mercantile business.

His pioneering spirit loathed the stuffy culture of the prudish cities, and so he convinced his wife, Margaritte, to raise a family in a small thorp on the edge of civilization by promising her that when he was done forging his empire, their “humble cottage” would be the hub of respect and wealth in the community. He has so far proven quite correct, though his adventuresome soul has ulterior motives: he intends to instill in his children a more grounded, independent perspective on life than they would have received in the big cities.

Was brutally stabbed to death by a skeletal horror in his own home.


Stephen Epneyn

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