hateful thug - DECEASED


Sheusk is one of those all-too-common individuals who, despite not being the prettiest, the strongest or the fastest, has managed to stay alive in a dangerous world. He would say it’s because he’s the toughest. It’s more likely due to just dumb luck since he’s had his share of close calls and plenty of the scars to remind him of it. Still, so long as he can eat, drink and be merry with fleshsome lassies at the end of a hard day’s work splitting skulls, he doesn’t complain. He knows people just love to offer him coins and trinkets, but he only grudgingly accepts such useless objects because some idiots apparently will take them in trade for the aforementioned commodities with intrinsic value.

Come to think of it, he’s the smartest, either.

Stabbed to make lunch and his half-eaten corpse was reanimated and then destroyed when it wrestled with a superior undead being.



Night Eternal Solipsomnenti