Selena Furtriste

nihilist auspex - DECEASED


Selena is a curious soul who strayed too close to the edge of profound madness in her examination of the fundamental nature of reality. It can take one by surprise if one’s image of “mad mage” is a cackling, babbling crone or bombastic, monomaniacal schizophrenic, but mad she is, nonetheless. Her psychosis is not so crippling that she cannot interact with her surroundings (well, usually…), but she does sometimes say the most bizarre things, revealing her insane perspective. Specifically, she does not seem to acknowledge the ultimate supremacy of an external reality: she hints frequently that she flatly does not believe in any such thing at all. In fact, she claims that it is precisely because all of reality is literally taking place in her own mind that she can display magical powers in the first place.

Frighteningly, she knows things she probably shouldn’t and sometimes alludes to them out of the blue, but the most maddening thing about her claims is how impossible it is to disprove her — and the implications if she’s right.

Beheaded when she was caught out unawares in the woods.


Selena Furtriste

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