Old Man Weinte

Ancient Mystic


Aged “like a wine or a tree”, he would say while adding lyrically: “and age is relative anyway!”

An even-tempered soul, Weinte is not seen often in Gewidge these days although his presence in the nearby woods can be felt and inferred by the geologic herding motions of the trees and mosses. His bent frame bears the weight of many years, though the fairies say that he looks good for his age… immediately after whispering worriedly that he has seemed a bit tired lately.

The thick green felts which drape his bony shoulders are obviously the livery of an ancient order of the Druids, though the iconography of the embroidery is badly faded or missing with wear and tear. He has clearly been among the trees for a long time, but he dismisses his humble state of presentation by chuckling mildly: “can’t judge a stump by its bark!” And “stump” is perhaps an apt choice of words, because this knee-high gnome moves about as rapidly while shuffling on foot.


Old Man Weinte

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