Old Evanora

black hag - DECEASED


Voice like winter twigs scraping across warbling glass, blanched and withered skin, a thatching mop of bedraggled, fried hair, and gnarled fingers tipped in brittle talons — Evanora is the very picture of a hag whose long practice of black magic has corrupted and withered her being. Prone to shrieking rages and psychotic, sniggering cackles, she might seem to be barely in command of her senses, but the razor-fanged mind of a vicious predator sizzles behind her capricious ploys.

Hacked in twain with a cleaving stroke from a skeleton’s greataxe — er… or at least I thought it was a skeleton? For some reason I said “skeleton” when I meant “orc”…


Old Evanora

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