Mother Dowsell

devout abess -- DECEASED


As a young woman, Jane Dowsell’s life was changed forever when a band of adventurers clashed with sinister forces over the fate of the town of Gewidge. To this day, she still isn’t sure what exactly precipitated the horrors she witnessed, only that she and her daughter, Ginny, were spared due to the supreme compassion and sacrifice of one of those adventurers: a priest of Wea.

That was many years ago, and she pledged her life in service of the World Mother there on the spot. For decades, she traveled, spreading the gospel of the Holy Matron and ministering to the needy while keeping little more than the clothes on her back. Her faith and trust that The Mother would shelter and provide for her was not misplaced, but eventually her aging body simply could not journey on any more. So she turned back to the benighted village of her birth in order to establish a church there and consecrate it in service to the goddess.

She is a tough-minded woman, driven and shrewd, but pious. She has served as the town’s midwife and healer while waiting for Ghraevatr to take her hand and guide her to rest among the Roots of the world. She expects that it won’t be long now, and looks back on her bisected life with the time-dulled pangs of regret for a husband long dead and often wonders how her daughter now fares in the world.

Sacrificed herself in a blaze of glorious, last ditch effort to vanquish evil.


Mother Dowsell

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