Maddy O'Marley

sweet goodwife


Maddy grew up in Gewidge hearing stories about the adventurers who passed through before she was born and the boogeymen they stirred up. Depending on who one listened to, though, they were either credited with the town’s complete destruction or its salvation. Maddy is disinclined to believe the tales about the town’s destruction since… Gewidge is still here. She much prefers the version that Mother Dowsell tells of good-hearted folk triumphing over the sneaking, craven shades hiding away from Aurwane’s holy justice. She’s not a girl anymore, but she still has that spark of innocence which keeps her faith in humanity strong.

When Lars arrived and bought the Oaken Lodge, he hosted generous nights of revelry in order to integrate with the local townsfolk. Their courtship was quiet, but took a thoroughly pleasing and natural course. It wasn’t long before they married, and Maddy is hoping to discover there will be “a bun in the oven” any week now. For a small town girl who values family and children, this is her fairy tale ending.


Maddy O'Marley

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