changeling lad - DECEASED


Children snatched from their craddles by the fairies are raised as one of them. Almost always, their upbringing in the ways of the fair folk, steeped in the magicks and wonders of the wild, change them forever. It is not uncommon for them to not even wonder about the life among mortals they never had: they consider themselves wholly Fey, now! Loop is no exception. His life dancing with the fairies hasn’t been long enough yet for more pronounced elements of the change to be visible. Well, apart from the shaggy tail, elongated ears and claws of a Fey beast, that is!

Half feral and completely naive about the world beyond the woods, he has no idea what to think about the novelty of his imprisonment except that he hates being confined like this. He wants to run and play in the meadows again!

Heartlessly butchered in his jail cell while helpless.



Night Eternal Solipsomnenti