Linopé Honunt Shurlisse Psipersia II

royal catoptromancer


Although most Merfolk are fond of coral and pearl jewelry, and they often have a lilting manner about them, there’s something vaguely different about this one. The exquisite quality of the jewelry, the regal aura, the studied elegance of the coiffure… It’s the contrasting combination of his slight frame and uncalloused hands relative to the musculature and martial postures of his companions which convince you this must be a personage of either religious or political importance.

His Highness is clearly out of his element dealing with brutes and savages who don’t respect his lineage and spiritual legitimacy, nevermind the indignity of being manhandled and … tortured! His meditations wobbled tellingly under duress, but after recovering the Tear he managed to regain a measure of serenity and composure.


Linopé Honunt Shurlisse Psipersia II

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