Liddle Louie Ludwig Leighton Lee Lawrence Lipsitch

crotchety gnomish shopkeep


In his younger years, Liddle adventured with a trading caravan far and wide. Made a handsome profit, too, to hear him tell it. Which no one in town is inclined to disbelieve since he regularly procures the most amazing assortment of goods for sale. The unmarked crates and packages which arrive with the traders in the summer season are always for him, but no one knows where he’s keeping it all or why he’s set up shop way out here in the middle of no where with no one to trade with but farmers and villagefolk. When asked, he snaps back that it’s none of anyone’s business and he just prefers the peace and quiet for a change. In typical gnomish fashion, his costume is his own portrayal of “an unassuming businessperson”… which includes a ridiculously outsized hat.

His pet bulldog, “Bubbles”, was almost certainly enchanted by some sort of souped-up Enlargement spell and helped him to keep an eye on the shop from where she loafed by the door, rumbling intimidatingly if she suspected a shoplifter. The similarly Enlarged cricket, “Jingle”, is preternaturally intelligent, though he can’t speak, and seems to help out by doing the bookkeeping for the notoriously flighty and lackadaisical Liddle. He does this by dipping his hind feet into a shallow inkwell and then “typing” out the script in the ledger.

Liddle himself seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every trinket and tchotchke in the shop and is able to recall with a moment’s thought whether there is such an item within… but considering the size of the building, it’s obvious he uses magic of some sort for the storage. As if his disappearances into “the back” and prompt producement of said requested item weren’t enough to prove it. Good luck getting a look at what’s “back there”, though.

Bubbles was cruelly slain in her old age when she attempted to defend her master from foul undead abominations.


Liddle Louie Ludwig Leighton Lee Lawrence Lipsitch

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