Lars O'Marley

gregarious innkeep


Lars is a chronically-cheerful half-elven man who purchased the Oaken Lodge from a dwarf named Ghorn Lubbock who had apparently lost his interest in the place. Lars felt the need to establish a home away from the cities where he hoped to fit in better because he had heard that the folk who braved the borders of the wilds cared much less about racial origins. Well. So long as the races in question weren’t green or horned, anyway.

Considering the price he paid for it, Lars wasn’t expecting anything impressive when he made the journey to the distant town to inspect the property, but was exceedingly pleased to find the grand old Lodge to be not only in excellent condition as promised, but even with that certain charm of quaint and aged architecture. This was a fine place, Lars felt, to settle down and find a wife who shared in his spirit of the frontier.


Lars O'Marley

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