Lady Lucina of Prydein

Wild Wight Warpriest


Long, long ago, during the Rejk’s attack on Prydein, the planet’s chances were looking grim. As Sir Owain Glyndŵr’s squire, Lady Lucina fought against the undead hordes to save her nation and planet, however loss was inevitable. When the Rejk took over and began his corrupting control over Sir Owain’s mind, he too captured and raised Lucina into undeath, as a final mark of contempt for the fallen knight.

Lucina however, was a lesser figure in the Rejk’s eye, and was thus spared the same degree of control the Rejk had over Sir Owain, maintaining some degree, corrupted as it may be, of connection to her prior life. And now that she’s once again active and out from under the Rejk’s thumb, some of these connections are reforming and reconnecting. Though depraved and defiled compared to her once pious and good ways, Lucina still is undyingly loyal to Sir Owain, and seeks to free his mind from its unquestioning loyalty to the Rejk, so that he may take his rightful place in the Rejk’s seat of power.

Lady Lucina of Prydein

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