nasty brute - DECEASED


His upbringing was rather unusual for an orc: he was, in fact, raised among hobgoblins. He’s too busy to really waste much time thinking about the implications of this as he’s more interested in breaking things and hurting people. Two talents which have forged a semblance of a path through life for him. He has other hobbies, of course, like drinking, collecting bigger swords and raping fauns. Despite his unusual coloration compared to the typical skin tones of either orcs or hobgoblins, he wasn’t picked on much as a child since he towers over his weaker “kin”.. and killed the ones who didn’t have the brains for politeness.

For Gursh, life is really very simple: it’s about sex, drugs, rocks and rolling heads.

Slain and reanimated … and then slain again. Somewhat ungloriously both times.



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