unmanned bastard - DECEASED


His features and stature take after his mother’s side of the “family”, but he definitely inherited his strength and temperament from his father. Not that his father really was around for most of his life, but then, Gruush wouldn’t honestly have preferred it otherwise. A brutal upbringing has a way of turning out rugged, selfish individuals with an intact survival instinct, and Gruush certainly has those things by the bucket. Just short enough to be nasty about it and just mean enough to not care who he maims in retaliation for mocking his mixed ancestry, he quickly found that a strong sword arm could earn him all the booze and cheap whores he could ever want. Some of them even had that scrumptious, bark-y taste. The booze, too, for that matter!

A mangled mess was all that was left.



Night Eternal Solipsomnenti