gypsy nanny - DECEASED


Raised as a gypsy, Elena knows the roads and the wilds can be harsh… but not nearly as harsh as the eyes and tongues of townsfolk. Sometimes superstitions and traditions just go too far for Elena’s taste. When she met Stephen Epneyn, it was while he traveled with her “home” caravan and the two of them really hit it off as each saw a kindred spirit in the other’s worldview of questioning and doubting the “way things have always been done”.

Much to Elena’s chagrin, Stephen was already engaged to Margaritte at the time. True to form, Stephen didn’t allow what could have been an awkward situation to slow him down: he offered Elena a job in his household. Now she works as a nanny and keeping a real house — one without wheels! But despite how happy she is to leave the road behind, along with all its dangers and social frustrations, she can’t disguise how proud she is of her ethnic heritage and the lessons she learned while driving wagons.

Was brutally stabbed to death by a skeletal horror as she was putting away dishes after a late dinner.



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