Dolores Rejk

Fabled Pretender-God


This is a being whose mere presence exudes terrific power. Its physical form is now nothing more than intricately-sculpted and jointed porcelain sections which fit together in a humanoid sculpture that serves as the seat for its indestructible animus. The costume that cloaks this frame is of heavy, somber blacks, punctuated by smokey accents, metallic brooches and fine chains. The wig of jet hair which hoods the skullcap is almost unkempt, its dark coils frizzed in loose tangles when not bound, as though donned in careless haste. There is a haunting awareness behind the glass eyes which reside in the orbits of the faceplate, and meticulous care has been taken to impart disturbing verisimilitude to the most visible pieces of the body’s ensemble right down to the heavy lashes which shroud that awful glance. Despite the material it is constructed from, there is at times a webwork of warm blush that crawls just under the motile, translucent surface of the ceramic, and even as the face melts effortlessly to enunciate words and expressions, those glassy fingers clink against hard surfaces it touches.

Whatever blasphemous Arts have been employed to create this abomination surely required surpassing skill and craft.

And it calmly, confidently turns its cold gaze upon you now.


Dolores Rejk

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