Bloodthursty Stalker


Arganos was born a dhampire to a mother he would never know and a father that would only torment him…

Orphaned as an infant Arganos would spend the bulk of his quiet childhood bouncing between orphanages not knowing or seeing much in the way of discrimination. This produced a well adjusted family man, a husband and a father. A hunter who would sell of his game to feed and shelter his family. Truly a happy and content man.

Someone who his father would detest to no end…

Unknown to Arganos his father had been keeping tabs on him his hole life and seeing that he had secured some level of normalcy hatred and contempt swelled in him. And one night one foul swoop he came in to his life and kill his wife and young child and cursed him with the full extend of his heritage. Arganos now wonders the lands looking for the creature witch gave him life and unlife…


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