Night Eternal

Sir Owain's Meditations - 4

From Church to Coven

It came from a nightmare

The Lich and the two fleshlings lay sleeping as Blessing, Kut, and I sat in the main room of the shop, quietly discussing our plans for the approaching day. Suddenly, a noise from downstairs, a bang, a crash. Likely just one of the prisoners struggling in their bars, but regardless this would not stand. We couldn’t have our prisoners causing a ruckus, so into the basement we went to ensure they began to behave once more. Blessing and I suddenly stop talking as we see the bony behemoth of Kut begin to barrel around the corner ahead, charge ending in a wet squelch as we assume his axe hits something fleshy. We round the corner ourselves to see him looming over a mass of squirming tentacles covered in blood, little of which seems to be its own. With some strategic healing on the part of Blessing and myself, Kut manages to slay the beast, though not without taking significant damage.

=()= Finish the rest later



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