Night Eternal

Sir Owain's Meditations - 2

From Cabin to Cellar

A knock on the door

There’s a knock on the door. The Candied Lich opens the door to find a young man standing there, wearing the robes of a holy man. After a brief moment of panic as I reach for my weapon, he claims that the ghost Circae sent him upon orders of the Rejk. I let him know that any ally of the Rejk is an ally of mine. We hurriedly scuffle him inside and shut the door before any other prying eyes wander by. After some questioning, we ascertain that his claims are true and we continue planning our next move.

Through this, my facilities began to return to me. The clarity of thought I remember having so long ago began, at least in some small respect, to return to me. Certain areas of memory and though still seemed difficult for me to reach, as though some cloudy force was preventing me from reaching them.

Into the town

Jer and the Lich wait at the edge of town, while Blessing, Ekidam, Azzok and I head in to find some supplies. Though we initially meant to merely scout, we were quickly engaged in fierce combat as a the vicious dog took quite poorly to my friendly attempt to pet it. The gnome fled to a room in the back, and as we bravely defended ourselves from the threat at hand, we heard the sound of rummaging from said room. After slaying the cruel beast, we sought find our way into the back room to talk further with this gnome who so rudely let his beast attack us.

Fortunately, it was at this very moment that Jer arrived with Tar-Akorian, eager to open the door. After a few moments of focus at the lock, we were greeted by a room with naught but an armoire and some light furnishings. Some more investigation led us to a hidden ladder, leading to a small room. Jer briefly searched it, triggering several traps in the meantime, before we found our way to another room, seeming to hold much of the gnome’s stock. Yet more searching led to us finding a small hallway with several rooms leading off of it, behind yet another hidden door, such paranoia in such a little creature. A brief search of the hallway led Jer to shut himself in a room at the end while myself and the others explored the rest of the hallway, finding some objects that were quite unusual, perhaps disturbing even for those of us less morally destitute. After some waiting, we eventually journeyed into the room Jer disappeared into, only to find an unusual looking chest laying in the middle amidst a pile of wealth, some fey in cages around the edges of the room.

A brief questioning of the Fey led us to the conclusion that Jer had been eaten by the chest in the center of the room, spirits rest his soul. After dispersing with the Mimic through the usage of a long pointy stick and some clever spellcasting on the part of Tar-Akorian, we journeyed into the room to discover the pile of wealth was merely an illusion. We question the fey briefly, but they seem by in large part to be clueless, save that they were brought here by a mixture of various green humanoids. Suddenly, the sound of voices approach, we are able to quickly determine that they are the Orcs the Fey were referring to. We set up an ambush and quickly dispatch with them.

After determining that the Gnome had escaped through a tunnel in the basement, we briefly questioned one of the surviving Goblins, and quickly found that they did not in fact work for the gnome, but rather the other way around. Similarly, he claimed that they worked for a woman. It was at this point that he faded from consciousness, perhaps my grip was too strong, I shall have to work on my people skills in this manner. We released one of the Fey so that she may return to her tree, I was not overly fond of this idea, but the party at large seemed in favor, so I figured I’d trust in their judgement. From there, we set out to plan our future endeavors within this Thorpe of Gewidge.



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