Night Eternal

Sir Owain's Meditations - 1

From Crypt to Cabin

Out of the Crypt

The rush of consciousness was shocking, surrounded by strangers and loosely remembered faces, a rush of words, a mixture of feeling. Feeling, this is new. Before long, the faces disappear. Soon, all that is left are the few and the Hag. She approaches, cackling, something about visiting a friend, she detours from the Rejk’s plan, this will not stand. We journey through a tomb, my tomb I find, I do not recall it.

There is a woman, she screams, she dies. Such is mortality. Thoughts are still forming, mind is hazy, morals are forming, lack thereof? The hag continues in madness, she does not seem to be a worthy leader, though she knows to respect me. She will be watched.

There are fairies, I think I remember these, their fire burns. The Hag saves me, perhaps she is redeemable?

Enter the House

We come across a house in the woods, those within are enslaved. The half-lich returns, his methods are effective though unusual. The Hag proves further her inability to lead, she rushes and has no mind for the necessity of planning. Some slaves prove intelligent enough to reason with. The Hobgoblin understands wealth, the Ghoul understands hunger. They shall be useful in creating defenses. Several fey and bandits shall make good slaves as well.

Akorian allowed the fey slaves to escape, the Hobgoblin was sent to retrieve the girl. Retrieve her and the he-horse shall follow. The hag took one bandit with her to commune with the Rejk, her absence will be a good chance to plan.

The Ghoul, Edward, tells me of a Crusade. A Crusade of light against the forces of undeath and evil. Their Inquisitors patrol the lands and their troops come in waves across the continent. In time, this crusade shall end, and the rule of the Rejk, or perhaps of another who is worthy, shall reign; though for now, we must operate in the dark, waiting for our time to strike.

We have made plans to fortify our cabin and to venture forth into the nearby town of Gewidge. With any luck, our might shall endure, and soon our reign will begin.



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