Night Eternal

Matthew's Workbook

The account of an apothecary's apprentice

She says I can’t go home. My whole family’s dead.

I’ll never see Mom or Dad again. Justine and Julia, Nathan’s gone, too. Even Miss Elena.

I don’t remember what happened exactly. I remember we had to climb out the window, and I remember a lot of yelling, and I was trying to get to the dogs when something heavy hit my head from behind. I think Kai-Ying healed it somewhat, but the headache and swelling could only have meant it nearly killed me. I guess they thought I was dead, or I wouldn’t have made it. She didn’t say who dragged me to her house, but it must have been the strangers, the “adventurers” that people were talking about.

The orcs followed them. Does that make it their fault? What’s going to happen to us now?

Kai-Ying says I have to stay with her for a while. She asks weird questions about whether I dream and what I dream about. She thinks she’s so smart. She’s trying to not let on that it’s important, but obviously it is or she wouldn’t be asking all the time — and I’ve always been told that she kept to herself and wasn’t nice and stuff. So why won’t she let me go home?

I could find my way back, but there’s wolves and boggarts in the woods.

And I guess I don’t have a home anymore…

How long is it supposed to hurt like this?



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