Night Eternal

Arise From Thy Slumbers, Ye Children Of Night!

The voice of your master calls through the darkness

You dreamt of blackness, infinite and cold, of empty vast nothingness spanning eternity and beyond. All thought, all sensation, all being had fled — existence had ceased and you languished in oblivion…

Until a voice called through the veil, compelling your soul to take form once more in service.

The experience of experience is at once both strange and familiar as you open your eyes and your limbs stir, stiff with the languor of ages. Corpsedust cringes in retreat as you shift and then rise obediently. You see about you half-remembered shapes brooding in the gloom, several of them bent in profound obeisance before the being which dominates the room:

Vis Rejk Ipplomo, God Assumptive, the Void Sighted, the Night’s Eye, the Star Namer, He Who Dreams Beyond



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